Do you ever wish you packed all the right things to care for YOURSELF during those tiring and… delicate few days after birth?

When I had my first, I remember researching for weeks and I spent so long putting things together that I needed for my stay in the hospital; but I never knew about all the unexpected things I would need. A LOT of maternity pads, ice packs, nipple cream… You know.
The kit I received from After Birth Care was the “Mama Care and Pamper kit”. The team at After Birth Care have thoughtfully put together this kit with early postpartum days in mind, with products designed to help soothe and heal the most delicate areas after birth, and make you feel a little more pampered at home. My favorite part? All the products are Natural and Organic, and come directly from businesses within Australia.
Here’s a list of all the products in this Mama Care and Pamper Kit, and why I think they will be perfect for postbirth!
2 sets of Reusable Nursing Pads – MilkmaidMumma

I have used disposable and reusable nursing pads, and I honestly prefer the reusable ones! They are way more comfortable and I find that I’m not “crunching” around. They are also awesome for the environment and are way cheaper.. Just keep on top of your washing lol!

1 pack Maternity pads by TOM Organic

Goes without saying really! We bleed after baby, and we need to wear pads!

2 pairs of Postnatal underwear by New Beginnings

So this will actually be the first time that I use disposable underwear; my first birth I didnt even think about it and Jackson had to run out and buy me a heap of cheap undies from kmart, and my second birth – I just packed the cheap undies from kmart hahaha. Not comfortable, got ruined and felt like a waste of money anyways. So hopefully these are a little better!

Cooling gel eye mask from The Body Shop

This is also a new one for me and I was SO excited for it! I get really puffy and swollen after birth, especially in my face so I’m really hoping this will help with helping that go down and making me feel a little more relaxed when I can after our baby boy arrives. Even 15 minutes chilling with this thing on sounds like a dream…

Skin milk udder cream – MooGoo

I’ve never tried this Skin Milk udder cream before, but I am really excited to! I opened it up and it smells amazing; it’s a repairing cream which is meant to be very light on your skin. I’ll definitely be taking this one to the hospital for post showers!

Protein Shot Leave in Conditioner – MooGoo

If you’ve had a new baby before, you would know that in the hospital you usually dont  want to leave your baby and be in the shower for too long; so I think this is perfect for those showers! I didnt pack any shampoo for myself so I ended up using what was in the hospital (this is both my births, you’d think I would have learnt…) which left my hair feeling dry and gave it that “over clean” feeling. So I’m really excited to have this product for my hospital bag – This is 110% one I would not have thought of and will definitely be used!

Reusable Cooling/Warming Breast Pads – BodyIce Woman

Because when your milk comes in, it bloody HURTS.

Reusable Perineum strip with five disposable sleeves – BodyIce Woman

Another one that will be amazing for post birth! I guarantee you I will be using this because icepacks wrapped in tissue paper suck and dont help anyone.

Babymoon Bliss Tea 50g – Blissful Herbs

Ahhh, sounds perfect for when you’re exhausted but its daytime, and you’re other children are occupied so you have a free 5-10 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea…

Nipple Bliss Balm 50ml – Blissful Herbs

As much as midwives and nurses tell you, breastfeeding DOES hurt. Think about the fact that a baby is sucking on your nipple ever 2-3 hours and trying to get milk to come out. They need to get stronger! So dont listen to anyone who says they wont be tender and they wont bleed because they are LYING, and you need a nipple cream.

Blissful Herbs Soothing Salve 30ml – Blissful Herbs

This product is used to help soothe the perineum area after birth; I’ve never tried anything like this before but I’m willing because that area is tender after birth and I will use whatever I can to help it out. Apparently it’s also awesome to help with new baby meconium poops too.. That stuff is like tar and really hard to wipe away, so anything to help with that too – I’m down to try!

Additional disposable sleeves by Bodyice Woman (5 pack)

Well you know why…

Drawstring cotton calico bag, to conveniently pack your self care items

I was stoked to find this one! I can keep everything together woo!!! And it’s also super cute…

I truly think these care kits are worth every penny – having the benefit of useful products and not having to worry about what you need to help get you through those first couple of weeks post baby. I will definitely get good use out of mine, and will be recommending them to all my pregnant friends!
You can check out all the After-Birth Care kits and products online here:
Don’t forget to think about your body after birth, and how to take care of it to make yourself feel as comfortable as you can be!
Big love,

Love from Roxanne


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